The 5 Steps to Becoming a Wedding Planner

wedding-planner-softwareWeddings are merry occasions of union and new beginnings. For wedding planners, overseeing the wedding needs of couples can be a rewarding and lucrative career. However, before one can become a wedding planner, there are some essential steps to take. These can help ensure more clients and better reputation as a wedding planner. Ultimately, following these steps can help one reach success in the field of wedding planning:

1) Finish high school – Complete your GED or General Education Development requirements. You would at least need to finish high school before becoming a wedding planner.

2) Further your education – Although you do not necessarily have to be a college graduate to become a wedding planner, furthering your education can help attract more clients since you have the background about the industry. When you decide to further your education, good choices for college courses to get you in the wedding planning industry would be Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, or perhaps Hospitality Management. Another option for you would be to get either a bachelor’s or even just an associate degree in events planning.

3) Get certification – This is a crucial step if you would like to be a bonafide wedding planner. There are times when individuals start their career as wedding planners by overseeing the wedding needs of friends and family. However, to be a professional, one must have certifications. This can attract more clients since you have the credibility! You can get certified by attending wedding planning schools or organizations such as the ABC or Association of Bridal Consultants, or perhaps the ACPWC or the Association for Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. Being exposed to the field can open you to more opportunities after being certified.

4) Build a network of resources and manpower – Before the final step of being a wedding planner, you ought to build a network of resources. This means finding more than one florist, caterer, lights and sounds providers, photographers and videographers, venues, and people to help you carry out the many tasks that come along with being a wedding planner. Being able to build a network of individuals who can help you come up with the perfect wedding can help make things much more efficient compared to just finding them when you already have a client. Having more than one provider of services can help you give your clients more options when choosing whose style and services they may prefer. On the other hand, you can also just have a constant set of individuals helping you out and a permanent arrangement with them when it comes to rates and kinds of services you would expect.

5) Find clients – You’re good to go! Advertise your skills. You can do this via social media, creating your own website, or posting ads in wedding or lifestyle magazines. When you get your first client and succeed in pulling off your first event, you can expect referrals and nothing works best than a testimonial from a satisfied client!

When you have acquired your education, certification, and once you’ve built a network of resources, you have the necessary skills and resources to come up with the most wonderful wedding your clients have always dreamed to have!

The Importance of Wedding Planners in Society

Most couples want their wedding to be the ethereal, most transformational and happiest experience of their life since it marks the beginning of new hopes, new world as well as elevated plane of being. Sometimes it’s weird, sometimes it’s normal, but honestly this very special event is something that almost every individual dreams of planning, experiencing, celebrating and living since they were in their adolescent stage. In this article, you will be able to know the importance of wedding planners in the society and how they help you make the most special event of your life memorable.

Generally, wedding planners provide all the creative design and planning for any wedding. That means their team makes all the designing and centerpieces of the entire event in relation to how the customers want their event to flow. Our society is getting busier each and every day and a wedding or event planner will help you get rid of the stress when in the process of making your special event. As your dream event comes closer to its date and the stress and hassle of planning becomes overwhelming, a reliable wedding planner can help you in all the planning and almost everything related to your wedding preparation so you can be able to enjoy in your special day without having any stressful moments. A wedding planner can definitely make you relax and enjoy the moment of your very special day.

A wedding or event planner is someone that can make the life of the couple getting married much easier. That is through making sure that every element of the special event – the decoration, photography, dresses, flower arrangements or food, is conducted and coordinated in a way that the event indeed becomes exceptional and memorable for all the guests. A few decades ago, it was the family and friends of the couple who voluntarily took on the planning and organizing responsibility for the wedding of the couple. However, it has been changed nowadays since everyone desires a perfect and outstanding dream wedding. Therefore, people prefer to hire wedding planners as they are more skilled and professional to accomplish this kind of job.

What Are the Duties of Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is the one who performs all the duties before the event, on the wedding day as well as even after that. First, when a wedding or event planner is hired, she personally meets ups with the couple getting married and tries to know the kind of wedding event that the couple is expecting. This also includes the number of guests, the budget, and any certain wedding theme that they have in mind. They also assess some compulsory wedding traditions if any. Generally, all the basics about the big day are discussed. Right after that, the wedding planner then starts to plan and organize for the wedding.

A wedding planner doesn’t only plan the wedding according to the wishes of the couple, but it also considers some of her suggestions in accordance with the décor, them, food, and many more. For this situation, she usually carries her own portfolio with complete photographs and other visuals showcasing her previous assignments in case the couple will like something that might be added to the wedding.

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